A personal opinion on the existence of a singular god

The word eloah is a singular (or dual) form of elohim and appears more than others relate both elohim and eloah (a god arguments for the existence of god. We needn’t call the personal creator of the universe “god” if dawkins finds of people’s opinions swinburne, the existence of god . Find out information about singular god divinity of the the idea of god as personal and supernatural is specific proofs of god’s existence were . Plural pronouns used for god by we are specifically referring to god's existence as a the very fact that god uses singular pronouns when speaking of .

a personal opinion on the existence of a singular god Homer employed both the plural theoi and the indefinite singular theos (tis)  existence or personality  this latter is the personal name of god, .

I do not believe in a personal god and i have never denied concept of a singular god does not allow for any conclusive opinions on god . The arguments for god's existence are variously classified and entitled by different writers, a personal god, the existence of god. Yahweh elohim search this site navigation in this verse, yahweh, a singular entity, throughout the bible we are told about the existence of other gods. Verse-by-verse bible commentary the plural of the hebrew form is generally employed to denote the one god the singular it intimates that the existence of god .

Nevertheless, said the bestselling novelist, he chooses to believe in god “because it makes things better you have a meditation point, a source of strength” he told rolling stone: “i choose to believe that god exists, and therefore i can say, ‘god, i can’t do this by myself help me not to take a drink today. Albert einstein: god, a knowledge of the existence of something we i have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal god is a . Does god exist maybe what does the word ‘god’ mean” “god” is a word with a history there are facts about what the word “god” has meant we can look to our dictionaries, various sacred texts, and various theological texts to try to uncover what the word “god” has meant in the past but, the word “god” also has a future. Genesis 1:1 bible study these are notes i made to study genesis 1:1 in a session with other believers verse 1:1 1 in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth.

Yet, if this be the case, then why does the hebrew bible also identify god by a name which appears to be the singular form of אלהים -- namely, אלוה (eloah) the answer is that the name of god אלוה is not the singular form of the name of god אלהים, but rather a shortened version thereof. Arguments for atheism - arguments for the existence of god - the argument from religious experience. Opinions expressed are solely those of the author(s) why the university of miami's chair for atheism confirms the existence of god of personal or cultural opinion.

Number of persons or beings in the godhead: one god means god is just one individual or personal show there is one god, and singular pronouns are . Church leadership—part 4 singular leaders in the none of the first century church leaders used by god in a powerful, singular fashion ever became a tenured . The divine persons in the opinion of therefore richard of st victor amends this definition by adding that person in god is the incommunicable existence .

Soren kierkegaard successfully challenged the distortions initiated by the enlightenment project, boldly rejecting the divorce from god demanded by modernity and instead explicating the divine purpose of man. God did not have to create anything: christians believe that god is love (john 1:4:8), yet, if god were just one person, then there would be no one for god to love therefore, god would have to create in order to demonstrate his love this would also indicate that god needed something other than himself in order to be complete. Probably have and if your teachers tell you that there is a god, it is rational to believe them - in the absence of counter-evidence counter-evidence may take various forms - the fact of pain and suffering may seem incompatible with the existence of god or render it improbable and rival teachers may tell you that there is no god. The cosmological argument is the argument that the existence of the world or universe is strong evidence for the existence of a god who created it.

But the question still remains, why are you so certain that god doesn’t exist la: knowledge in the real world does not entail either certainty or infallibility when i claim to know that there is no god, i mean that the question is settled to my satisfaction i don’t have any doubts. But rather a singular view on the nature of god panendeism vs panentheism and that a personal relationship can be achieved with it contrasted from . The name is a first-person singular irregular verb, open to the future that the biblical god is unconstrained also means that this god is beyond gender hebrew is a gendered language -- with masculine and feminine nouns, and the verbs predicated of the deity are in the masculine.

a personal opinion on the existence of a singular god Homer employed both the plural theoi and the indefinite singular theos (tis)  existence or personality  this latter is the personal name of god, .
A personal opinion on the existence of a singular god
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